In this video, Chris Broad, a British video creator, shares tips on how to enjoy Japan's nightlife while respecting local customs on his YouTube channel "Abroad in Japan," boasting over 3.04 million subscribers.

For instance, the video begins by explaining the concept of "otoshi" (appetizer) at Japanese izakayas, which may be unfamiliar to those from abroad. In Japan, instead of the table charge system common in the West, otoshi, a paid appetizer, is often served. This unique system can sometimes lead to confusion among foreign tourists who may feel they haven't ordered it. To address such nuances unique to Japan, the video provides clear explanations through visuals tailored to its international audience.


Additionally, the video elaborates on the popular Japanese custom of "hashigo sake" (bar hopping), detailing the process of visiting izakayas, bars, and eventually karaoke. With over 500,000 views within two days, the video has been well-received worldwide, hailed as informative by viewers across the globe.

We are grateful for the sponsorship from Daiichi Kosho Co., Ltd.'s "BIG ECHO" chain, which not only offers karaoke but also boasts a wide selection of food and drink menus. Furthermore, they provide English menus and assistance, ensuring a comfortable experience for foreign travelers.

Featured Presenter:

Chris Broad (Abroad in Japan)

With over 3.04 million subscribers and a record of over 500 million video views, Chris Broad is one of the largest creators of Japan-related content among foreign YouTubers. He is also a co-founder of Sekai Studios.




Daiichi Kosho Co., Ltd.

Filming Location

Karaoke Big Echo Yurakucho Branch

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