We are thrilled to announce that our "Japan Go!" channel has been honored with the Excellence Award in the movie category at this year's CJPF Award, hosted by the Cabinet Office's Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform. This award recognizes outstanding initiatives that showcase Japan's allure to a global audience.

Our winning entry, "Transparent Toilets in Tokyo," documents the innovative transparent public toilets designed by the renowned architect Shigeru Ban and funded by the Nippon Foundation. This captivating piece has been viewed over 470,000 times worldwide, highlighting the unique approach Japan takes towards public amenities and the social significance and manners surrounding public toilets in Japan. Through this video, we've shared the story of Japan's innovative public toilets with viewers around the world.


About the CJPF Award 2024:

The CJPF Award celebrates the diverse facets of Japan's charm, from its culinary and cultural heritage to its rich tourism resources, traditional crafts, entertainment content, and pioneering digital technology. The awards are divided into two main categories: the Movie Category, aimed at videos that tell compelling stories about Japan's charm to an international audience, and the Project Category, focusing on initiatives that effectively convey Japan's appeal through engaging stories to attract foreign interest and encourage inbound tourism. The award seeks to spotlight and honor projects and videos that embody the spirit of the Cool Japan Strategy.

For more details on the CJPF Award 2024, please visit: https://cjpf.jp/award/

About Japan Go!:

"Japan Go!" is our YouTube channel dedicated to bringing Japan's mesmerizing culture to viewers across the globe. Known for its high-quality documentaries that offer intimate insights into the lives of Japanese artisans and artists, the channel has garnered acclaim for its engaging content. Among our most popular videos are "How Japanese Knives Are Made With Japan's RAREST Steel" (2022, over 10.64 million views) and "The Real NINJA who Taught Keanu Reeves Ninjutsu" (2021, over 2.58 million views).

Discover more on the Japan Go! channel at: https://www.youtube.com/@JapanGo

About Sekai Studios

Sekai Studios is an innovative influencer talent agency, cutting-edge video production studio, and dynamic digital media platform based in Tokyo. Committed to connecting international influencers with Japanese business partners, Sekai Studios crafts exceptional video content that captivates global audiences.

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