Sekai Studios is delighted to announce its successful collaboration with the renowned British YouTuber Tom Scott whose global audience exceeds 5.9 million subscribers. Through our Representative and Creative Producer Yasuharu Matsuno, we had the privilege of assisting Tom Scott in creating five captivating videos filmed in Japan.

Our dedicated team at Sekai Studios took charge of coordinating all aspects of the filming process, ensuring a seamless experience for Tom Scott. This included extensive research to identify compelling subjects, securing permissions from Japanese companies and individuals, crafting a captivating travel itinerary, arranging for a skilled local videographer, and facilitating interviews with key figures, while also providing translation services throughout.

The five videos produced through this collaboration have achieved remarkable success, accumulating over 10 million views worldwide within a span of two months.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following organizations for their valued collaboration:

Title: I rode the world's fastest train
Views: 3.8 million

Title: Things are changing at the world's oldest hotel
Views: 2.3 million
Company: Keiunkan

Title: This bus transforms into a train
Views: 1.2 million
Company: Asa Coast Railway

Title: This tiny hovercraft went viral
Views: 2.2 million
Individual: Hideyasu Ito

Title: I climbed inside a giant robotic parking garage
Views: 1.3 million
Company: GIKEN

* The number of views are as of May 20, 2023

These videos are available for viewing on Tom Scott's YouTube channel. We invite you to witness the awe-inspiring content created through this collaboration and experience the cultural discoveries showcased in each video.

At Sekai Studios, our commitment to delivering exceptional content that captivates global audiences remains unwavering. We are proud to foster collaborations with exceptional creators like Tom Scott, continuously striving to provide insightful exploration and garner worldwide recognition.

For further information, please contact: [email protected]

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